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He's not entirely sure what he's going to do, really; in a more rational state, he would have planned. He would have built something, possibly, with what resources could be spared.

But he hasn't quite been rational since he lost his arm and the resulting, terrifying experience that sprung from it; the moment he'd found out about this, it had hit him hard, and he wasted absolutely no time in setting off.

Of course, it was probably suicide, but the nice thing - probably the only nice thing - about torture facilities is that they didn't really expect people to attack them. Especially not just one person, with no visible weaponry and a prosthetic arm.

In a more rational state, he would have worked his way through the facility in a more stealthy kind of way, but in the state he is now, he has no patience for it. He'd almost feel bad, actually, if only because they weren't going to know what hit them.

Five minutes later, half the complex crashes down for - apparently - no visible reason. The only hint of an outside presence is the strangely grating music.


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